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my approach & featured work

When you look back at your photos, it's the moments that mean the most.

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It's my job to witness and document you, your wedding day, friends, family and all of the in-between moments in a beautiful reality.

Like the smile on your face as you're pronounced newly married; the way your grandma looked at you as you exchanged vows; how tightly you hugged your best friend just before setting off to the venue.

"We're so awkward when we have our photo taken."

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Natural wedding photography

I get it, me too. I have a relaxed, 'documentary' approach to weddings which means I photograph you as naturally as possible, with no forced, cringey posing. Even when it comes to portraits, we spend 15 mins max just the two of you away from everyone, with me third wheeling and a smidge of guidance in the right direction.


I promise I will *not* take you off for hours and/or tell you how to position your head and where to put your hand.

There's something rather beautiful about moments on film.

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I've always had a love for old film cameras, like the ones your grandparents have in a box in the attic and the original polaroid your mum photographed your 3rd birthday one.


Over the past 18 months of lockdown and a lot of spare time, I've photographed life and actually learnt to use them (rather than pressing the shutter button and praying to the photography gods). There's something rather beautiful about film and how much it makes you slow down and take in the moment. I'll be bringing a couple of old cameras along to my weddings this year give you a handful of film photos and build up a bit of portfolio.

About the ones mum wants for the mantelpiece.

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York Wedding Photographer
Leeds Wedding Photographer

We've all been to those weddings where everyone ends up stood about while a second cousin is pulled away from the bar to be added to group photo number 17, yep? No, I'm not that type of photographer.


A handful of 'smile at the camera' photos with your mum, dad, grandad, grandma, brother, sister, niece, nephew, bridesmaids and groomsmen will always, always have a place.


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