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Badsworth Village in the Snow

Remember when it snowed like crazy mid January? I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go for a walk with my camera to get some picturesque photos of the village covered in snow but it didn't quite turn out how I expected it would.

We hadn't even got 200m before we turned the corner up the hill through the village and came across an unexpected scene of cars stranded and residents out in force with snow shovels, metal spades and wheelbarrows of grit in an attempt to break up the inches of packed ice. What was supposed to be a leisurely stroll in the snow turned into 3 hours of shovelling, pushing cars and vans up a hill and unhooking a lorry from a lamppost after it drifted into it. I decided to keep my camera on it and document what was going on, so here are four pretty 'snowy village' photos followed by utter chaos (in typical English snow fashion).



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