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Jess & Clay in Badsworth

This was just about the most gorgeous DIY wedding ever.

The ceremony took place at the local church, where friends and family congregated and waited excitedly for the bride and groom to arrive. The bride wore an elegant silky white dress with a gorgeous cow-slip back.

After the ceremony, the thirty or so guests headed around the corner where the reception was held in their self-renovated barn-house. Jess and Clay knew exactly what they wanted when it came to styling their reception and managed to make a reality with a little help from family and friends. They both have such a amazing creative vision and started with a completely blank canvas, here’s just three things off the ‘DIY wedding list’:

- The foliage, Jess got in touch with pretty much everyone she knows and asked if she could have some cuttings from their garden. Her dad helped chain wooden ladders to the beams in the barn and draped the foliage along them – a beautiful way to frame the room. - The tables, Clay is a carpenter and built all of the tables their guests sat around to eat. When it came to the evening, they were easily dismantled and taken outside for seating in the courtyard.

- The barn, this will eventually be the family house and has been an ongoing conversion project for about a year. They all worked so hard to ensure the barn was ready for the wedding and what a job they did!

Weddings do take a lot of planning and effort to get them right, and doing the majority of the work yourself is a difficult task; and yet, Jess and Clay made it seem so effortless and simple. The success of their beautiful home-based, DIY wedding is a proof that sometimes simple is best, and that beautiful, sophisticated weddings can be easily achieved with enough creativity and tenacity.

Congratulations to Mr & Mrs Fox, enjoy looking through their day.

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