Maddie's 18th at Cut and Chase

It took a while to decide what to do for my 18th Birthday. There were so many options. Should I have a big extravagant black tie party, something quirky and unique, or just a good old night out? I wanted it to be special, because you only turn 18 once, but at the same time I didn’t want the stress of hosting a large event. What I decided to go with in the end was perfect - a cocktail making lesson at Cut and Chase, followed by a lovely dinner with my friends.

I knew everyone would want to have pictures from the night - we were going to get all dressed up, make some sophisticated cocktails and I wanted to have some photos to remember it by. However, I didn’t want everyone to have their phones out all night, taking pictures and having the photo shoots interrupt the flow of the evening. That’s why Freya was perfect – with an amazingly talented photographer at the event I could enjoy a fun evening with my friends, knowing that I would have brilliant photos at the end of it.

Before we left the house, we took a few photos (most importantly with my dog, Byron) and the creative addition of the letter-board made the pictures feel unique and special. Once everyone had arrived at the restaurant, we started by making the Lady Violet – a drink with elderflower vodka, Chambord and Prosecco – followed by a fruity mocktail, which was ironically everyone’s favourite! Then we finished off by making Ruby Rose, a kind of mojito made up of rose petal vodka and rose liqueur, topped off with crushed ice, soda and mint.

In between each cocktail we sat in the window having some nibbles and drinks, chatting and laughing while the wonderful staff set up the next one. This was the time where most of the photos were taken, Freya positioning herself around us to capture those special candid moments, such as a hilarious toast, some very enthusiastic conversations and a bit of letter-board tampering by my friends…

As always, her presence was friendly, yet professional. She was chatting and laughing with us as we made the cocktails, but also left us to enjoy each others company when it was needed – a perfect balance. I couldn’t have asked for a better photographer, especially as the photos are so beautiful and they fantastically capture the fun and happiness of that night.

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