Something a little different

As a photographer, staying on my toes and pushing myself is something I'm very conscious of. Every photoshoot I do is different as every client I work with is unique - one family shoot varies so much from another family shoot for example, same with weddings, events, commercial and newborn shoots.

I was recently asked to do a horsey photoshoot which was hugely different to my 'norm' and pretty far out of my comfort zone because: 1. I've never taken professional photos of a horse before and 2. I'm not a very horsey person. I'm aware that when you put animals into the mix you really don't and can't know what to expect so was a little nervous on the day, however, I loved it. We got some adorable, fun and action shots of Ella and Suzie (and I even overcame my horse fear)!

#portraitphotography #freyarabyphotography

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