My story

I'm Freya, I'm a Yorkshire based photographer covering weddings, couples, families and commercial.

I'm warm, creative and would-be-cool-if-I-wasn't-so-lame (apparently). I live for the small things in life and am inspired daily by the beauty in the world: summer sunsets; spring flowers; autumn leaves; rainy days; blustery winds.

Before I began to pursue photography as a job I was actually planning on studying mathematics at uni. Yes, plot twist, I thought I wanted to go into finance. Following that path definitely seemed like the sensible option - it was very much one of those ‘head or heart’ moments, and my heart won. I withdrew my uni application, finished my A Levels and threw myself into photography.

This has been my dream ever since I got my first camera, I’m now just over 3 years into business and I feel so lucky to be here, it's something I'm endlessly grateful for.

Not only do I have a passion for art and photography, but also a passion for people. I love meeting new friends, sitting down over a coffee/beer and getting to know them and their story.

I care about capturing real life people and
their perfectly imperfect moments. 

Freya x

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